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In Search of a Legend - and a Curse
Brian Antonson, Mary Trainer and Rick Antonson

“Slumach’s Gold is one of North America’s most famous lost treasures” Adam Palmer, Deadman’s Curse

NEW 2024 EDITION - Full of intrigue, adventure, greed, and tragedy, the enduring legend of Slumach's Gold is examined in riveting detail in this newly expanded edition of a bestselling classic. 

Newly expanded and revised, Slumach’s Gold: In Search of a Legend—and a Curse chronicles Canada’s most enduring lost-mine mystery. For more than 130 years, people have been captivated by the story of a secret cache of gold with nuggets “the size of walnuts,” supposedly buried near Pitt Lake in southwestern BC. Knowledge of its exact whereabouts died with Slumach, a Katzie Nation man executed for murder in 1891. Slumach, according to rumours that spread like wildfire in the years following his death, placed a curse on the hidden motherlode to protect it from interlopers and trespassers.

Countless prospectors, adventurers, amateur sleuths, and history buffs have attempted to find Slumach’s gold over the years. It has been the subject of books, articles, TV shows, and podcasts. But thus far, no one has succeeded in locating the legendary gold. Or have they? In this fascinating new edition of Slumach’s Gold, Brian Antonson, Mary Trainer and Rick Antonson diligently sift through history and myth, separating fact from fiction, but leaving the legend intact—along with the promise of gold yet to be found.

  • October 29, 2024

  • ISBN: 9781772035186

  • Available in paperback and eBook editions


A fresh new look at one of British Columbia’s enduring mysteries.

Chuck Davis, author of Vancouver Then and Now

Qualifies as a British Columbia classic.

Alan Twigg, BC Bookworld

A great piece of research that reads like a mystery novel or a CSI episode…Slumach’s Gold combines legend, myth, documentation and oral history. It’s a masterpiece.

Richard Thomas Wright, author of Barkerville and Overlanders

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