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In Search of a Legend
Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson

Slumach's Gold chronicles what is possibly Canada's greatest lost mine story. It searches out the truth behind a Salish man's hanging for murder in 1891 and tracks the intriguing legend about him that grew after his death. It was a legend that turned into a drama of international fascination when Slumach —

 the hanged criminal — was mysteriously linked to gold nuggets "the size of walnuts." The stories claimed that Slumach had placed a curse on a hidden mother lode to protect it from interlopers and trespassers just before he plunged to his death "at the wrong end of a five-strand rope."


Although many have attempted to find Slumach's gold over the past 130 years, following tantalizing clues that are part of the legend itself, none have succeeded - or have they?

Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson have diligently sifted through history and myth, separating fact from fiction, but leaving the legend intact - along with the promise of gold yet to be found by some future gold seeker.

  • October 2, 2007

  • ISBN: 9781894974356

  • Available in paperback and eBook editions


A fresh new look at one of British Columbia’s enduring mysteries.

Chuck Davis, author of Vancouver Then and Now

Qualifies as a British Columbia classic.

Alan Twigg, BC Bookworld

A great piece of research that reads like a mystery novel or a CSI episode…Slumach’s Gold combines legend, myth, documentation and oral history. It’s a masterpiece.

Richard Thomas Wright, author of Barkerville and Overlanders

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